Tim Jones

Functional Training Specialist

“The skill of a real Functional Trainer is to be able to use the tool to build the movement, not let the movement be defined by the tool”.

The TJF training methods are led by the co-founder of TJF Personal Training, Tim Jones, a biomechanics and human function specialist. Tim has gained a BSc Hons. in Sports Science and an MFT Course with Faster Education, the UK's leading Human Function Institute. Since 2001 Tim has dedicated his time to becoming one of the best personal trainers in London.

In 2005, Tim launched TJF with his wife, Ariane - an elite team of health and fitness trainers, which has rapidly become established as one of the foremost and successful lifestyle coaching and personal training organisations in London.

Tim has a high profile client base including a number of celebrities, with his achievements regularly featured in many top publications, including national press.