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The Luxury Channel Interview

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This interview was featured in the August 2010 Issue of the Luxury Channel Newsletter – to vie click here

What are the fundamental principles behind TJF’s training methods?The TJF training style is multidisciplinary, emphasising the Integration of mind-body fitness with traditional exercise prescription. We specialise on the movement and function of the client’s body and create our exercise programmes specifically for the individuals needs. Whatever their goal we will assist and empower them to achieve it in the shortest amount of time possible by creating an efficient and effective programme for their body.In your opinion, what made you the go-to personal trainers in London? We pride ourselves on one thing. We really listen to the needs of our clients – in our opinion the real skill in personal training is listening to what the client wants and being able to identify what the client needs, incorporating the two together into an effective wellness and training plan that gets them to their goals as quickly as possible. Our results speak for themselves.Can a personal trainer really help if the individual doesn’t have the right attitude or motivation? Motivation is a big part of personal training yes… But the trick is being able to influence someone’s actions when you are not there. Empowering people can have a much more effective response – after all a workout is only 60 minutes, the rest of the day they need to be mindful of their health programme. If you can master this then the hard work is done. The training element is the fun part.What would you say to people who have struggled their whole lives but are still not comfortable with their bodies?Generally there is that tipping point where people are so unhappy with how they are that they are willing to do whatever it takes to do something about it. Obviously prevention is always better than cure, but it’s never too late… There are success stories taking place everyday. You could be the next one…How important is nutrition? As personal trainers our job is to primarily promote the important of exercise into getting the physique you want. Therefore if we tell you that diet is 90% of it – it must be true!What are you top five tips for someone who wants to improve his/hers fitness? If you want to improve your fitness then you must first understand the meaning of fitness. Being fit does not mean you can run 10 miles, or sprint really fast, or be really flexible or have good reaction times, or have great balance. It is a combination of all of these things…Therefore our top 5 tips for being fit are:1.      Make sure you have the correct nutrition to complement your training programme2.      Incorporate dynamic stretching into your training regime3.      Workout the right amount, 60-90 minutes is a good amount to work up to 5 days a week. Too much of something good can still be bad!4.      Make sure you do 30 minutes cardio vascular training during each workout5.      Vary your exercises as much as possible so the body has to keep working in different waysYou train the some of Hollywood’s brightest stars (although no names can be named) How does preparing a physique for a film differ from the more personal requirements of other individuals? Each film role is obviously very different and depending on the physique the client needs to develop and the amount of time they have – we will develop a programme accordingly. We treat the clients exactly the same as we would anyone else. However the programme may be slightly more aesthetically based to begin with due to time restrictions.In your opinion, what constitutes the perfect male shape and the perfect female form? I think everyone’s opinions are different on what is the perfect body, but generally if you have great movement, excellent static and dynamic posture, eat healthily 90% of the time, workout 4-5 times a week doing a variety of functional strength and conditioning you will have the perfect body for you!Is there such a thing as healthy indulgence? Yes completely. But the indulgence must be portion controlled. We would lie if we said we did not enjoy a dessert every now and then. But it’s important to deserve these treats and not see them as a necessity or something that makes you feel better. Eating comfort food is just a way of compensating for something else.How do you manage to integrate fitness fads with clients needs?Fitness fads are something we avoid. Our approach looks at the human body and we have learnt how to train the body looking at the inside out. We rarely use equipment for training, especially no machinery. With the forces of nature, gravity ground reaction momentum and inertia it is astonishing the number of ways you can affect the body.  Clients needs are met through detailed assessment and meticulous planning.Recently The Times Style section ran a feature on how society’s ideal body image has changed over the last few years from size 0 and skeletal to something more healthy and wholesome.  How do you find this affects the regimes you create?Our regimes are not affected by what other people are saying. We would never promote size 0 as it just isn’t healthy. However some people have different morphological profiles and have different metabolisms etc, so clients develop in different ways. The same exercise for one person creates a different response in another. We avoid the ginger bread man training plan and create a personalised plan for each client. Our aim is to help the person be the best that THEY can be…How do you feel the recession has affected your clients’ outlook regarding their fitness?Luckily we work with a clientele that have not been affected by the credit crisis so this has not influenced us. If anything we have got busier!Stress is a major factor that stops people achieving their target weight. When you train your clients do you look to at the whole (body and mind) in order to get them on the path to health? Totally. Mind Body Spirit is an important integration into how we train our clients. Our philosophy is strong body strong mind. Stress is something that affects you and your motivation to workout, but the right amount of working out will lower your stress levels. It’s important that you keep the circle going in the right direction.Tell us about your new retreat… We will be launching a very high end Privacy and Wellbeing retreat in Phuket in the coming months in a fabulous villa – it will be called “The Arcanum”. We don’t want to give away too much information yet as we will be doing a very big launch later in the year. Watch this space…What are the challenges for personal training in the future? The challenges are how to influence enough people. Personal Training is currently something that only really wealthy people can afford. Trainers are in a unique position to help others ans we need to find a way to incorporate fitness into the community more.What is luxury? Luxury is being good to yourself. Indulging in something that you do not need but you know you will benefit from and will make you happy. Whether it be materialistic goods or pampering services. I see personal training as a luxury, as I can’t afford to have it! I am lucky my wife is a trainer ☺Biography Tim is a biomechanics and functional movement specialist. After gaining a BSc in Sports Science, Tim moved on to study under John Hardy from Faster Education the UK’s leading Human Function Institute. Since 2001, Tim has dedicated his time to becoming one of the best personal trainers in London. In 2005, Tim launched TJF with his wife, Ariane – an elite team of health and fitness trainers, which has rapidly become established as one of the foremost and successful lifestyle coaching and personal training organisations in London. Tim has a high profile client base including a number of movie and rock stars, with his achievements regularly featured in many top publications.Ariane made an early start in her sports career growing up in Rio, Brazil, where she became a professional Ballerina at the tender age of 14 – she applied her trade in America for the American Ballet. Ariane came to London 6 years ago, focusing her natural talents exclusively in the field of health and fitness – with a dedication that has led her to become one of the finest personal trainers in London and one of the leading female trainers in the industry. Ariane has a very high profile client base and is regularly featured in a number of publications. She is also a co-founder of TJF and is instrumental in developing and maintaining the highest quality fitness programmes of personal training in London available to our clientele.PS: Please visit our new website Arcanum Phuket to view our new wellness retreat in Phuket called The Arcanum.

Daily activity

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Improvements in health & fitness are not limited to your personal training sessions! Simple activities performed through the course of your normal day will increase energy expenditure considerably helping you to become fitter and leaner.Try some of the following every week:

  1. Walk it off: Walk shorter journeys instead of driving or taking the Bus/Tube. For example walk to the local store for groceries or walk to work. On longer journeys try parking your car further away from your destination or get off public transport a little before you reach your destination and walk the remaining distance.
  2. Use your hands: The use of labor saving devices such as dish washers, tumble driers, washing machines & remote controls have massively cut down calorie expenditure & muscle usage over the years. Try cutting down on your use of these devices. Dedicate a day or two each week, when you have a little more time, to do some house hood chores by hand.
  3. Take the stairs: The next time you’re in the shopping mall, Tube station, at work or home take the stairs for a great leg workout!
  4. Cleaning: Clean and tidy your house, office or car
  5. Play: taking your kids, a friend or your pet to the park for some activities. Simply have some fun moving around playing games.
  6. Gardening: Mowing the lawn, clipping and sweeping paths are an excellent total body activity.
  7. Get on your feet: whilst in the office or at home stand up and walk around every so often – this could be between commercials on the TV or between assignments at the office – you can quickly go and get some fresh air and clear your mind at the same time. If needed set an alarm on your watch every 30 minutes or so.
  8. Hide the remote: Hide the TV remote and change channels with your hands…you will be amazed how active this can keep you!
  9. TV AD Activity: When watching TV at home, perform jumping jacks, AB crunches, squats or any other exercise during the adverts

It is understandable the some of the above points may not always fit into the average working day, but remember that the use of just one or two can bring surprising improvements to your health & fitness.As an example, cleaning your home can burn over 300 calories per hour, gardening equates to over 400 calories per hour!Happy Training!Andrew PascoeTJF Personal TrainerTo visit Andrew Pascoe’s profile page please click here – Personal Trainer Mayfair.PS: Please visit our new website Arcanum Phuket to view our new wellness retreat in Phuket called The Arcanum.

Benefits of Regular Exercise

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Congratulations on Just take a look at the benefits you will see and feel in your body when starting your new TJF exercise regime!Exercise increases:

  • Flexibility
  • Work, recreational and sports performance
  • Sense of wellbeing and confidence
  • Blood lipid profile (cholesterol levels)
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Immunity
  • Stroke Volume (amount of blood pumped by heart per beat)
  • V02 Max (fitness level)
  • Lean body mass (muscle)
  • Posture

Exercise decreases:

  • Daily Fatigue
  • Anxiety/stress
  • Depression
  • Coronary artery disease (CAD)
  • Blood Pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Osteoporosis
  • Body Fat/obesity
  • Bad Cholesterol (LDL)
  • Resting Heart Rate

You can add life to your years and years to your life with exercise!Happy Training!Andrew PascoeTJF Personal TrainerTo visit Andrew Pascoe’s profile page please click here – Personal Trainer Mayfair.PS: Please visit our new website Arcanum Phuket to view our new wellness retreat in Phuket called The Arcanum.