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Basic Dietary Rules

Posted in Nutrition Articles, Wellbeing Articles by admin on March 1st, 2007

This article has been drawn from Eat, Move and be Healthy – written by Paul Chek, which is widely considered the bible of holistic health and wellbeing.There are several dietary rules that if you stck to will guarantee to work and will help you transform your physique. These are as follows:

  • Drink at least one litre of clean, filtered water for every 50lbs of bodyweight. This will help flush the toxins from your body as they’re released from your fat stores and will reduce the negative effect of toxin release.

  • Eat protein at every meal. This will help your body to create lean tissue and increase your metabolism and offset the insulin fluctuations created by carbohydrate only meals.
  • Eat regularly. Try to maintain an eating frequency that has you eating again no sooner than two hours but no longer than four hours. This will ensure a steady supply of nutrients and calories to your body as it goes through the elimination phase. In addition this will aid in weight reduction and prevent energy fluctuations.
  • Eat freely. Don’t count calories, reduce your portions or allow yourself to get too hungry, this is counterproductive as you’ll end up eating whatever you can lay your hands on.
  • Vary your foods, so that you get all of the nutrients that your body requires. Avoid routine eating that has you eating chicken every day for lunch. This will lead to another type of intolerance or lack of nutrients. Instead, ensure that you rotate your meats (chicken today, fish tomorrow, and beef the next day) and vegetables so that you get everything you need and don’t get too bored.
  • Only use olive oil, butter or coconut oil for cooking. No vegetable oils should be consumed as hey are highly processed.
  • Avoid sugar substitutes completely.
  • Avoid Microwave ovens. They change the chemical composition of foods you eat, rendering them nutrition less and a strain to the system.
  • Sunlight has many beneficial effects including providing the vitamin D necessary to maintain optimal health. I know it hard in London but try to spend at least an hour a day outside in the fresh air in order to top up this vital ingredient.
  • The last rule – do some exercise.

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