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Last post of 2007!

Posted in Tim's Diary by admin on December 31st, 2007

Well its New Year’s Eve… This year has been truely amazing for us.Ariane and I got married, we bought a house and our business is booming! Here’s hoping 2008 can match it – I sincerely doubt it though!Looking forward to hearing your new years resolutions!To view the TJF Personal Training homepage click the following link Personal Trainer London.PS: Please visit our new website Arcanum Phuket to view our new wellness retreat in Phuket called The Arcanum.


Posted in Client Blogs by admin on December 28th, 2007

I was sitting with a friend over dinner prior to Christmas and we came up with a great new way to motivate people who want to lose weight. My good friend Fiona moved to London a while ago now and has gradually put on weight over the last few years – and now it has caught up with her. She wants to do something about it BIG TIME and we have come up with the perfect solution….Fiona is going to write a strict Blog for TJF- 5 days a week for the next 6 months. The idea is that by her birthday in June, Fiona will have transformed her body and be at her target weight. I have always promised her that her goals were possible, but her problem was always comittment.Now Fiona has to commit to her own personal weight loss case study. She will be required to be in constant contact with the TJF Team through the Blog. Fiona must write a daily food diary and must do 5 workouts a week for the next 6 months – and we will comment, support, motivate and guide her through her transformation.Follow Fiona’s journey by checking out her Blog here!Why not drop her some words of support!Hopefully at the end of the 6 months Fiona will allow me to upload some before and after shots of her transformation!Check back 2nd January for day 1.To return to the TJF Personal Training homepage click here – Personal Trainer LondonPS: Please visit our new website Arcanum Phuket to view our new wellness retreat in Phuket called The Arcanum.

The Litmus Tests of Function – Load to Explode

Posted in Fitness Articles by admin on December 9th, 2007

These have been formed by Gary Gray, the originator and developer of many nationally acclaimed educational programs, including the “Chain Reaction” series of seminars and DVD’s where this information has been drawn from. Gary is know as “the father of function” and is the leading pioneer and authority in rehab and training.

The litmus tests are what a true function coach will use to help them “step back” and constantly assess what is going on in order to help them accurately create an exercise programme that facilitates the coach/patients desired function – whether it be improved performance in a certain sport (such as golf or tennis), rehabilitate an injury that is inhibiting them in some way, or even lose weight. Therefore it is important that an exercise should not be termed functional unless it passes all of these litmus tests.


The second litmus test we are going to discuss is the knowledge that the body “pronates” or is loaded into a coiled position, before it can unload or “supinate”. In layman’s terms this can be understood by the following analogy – if I were to ask you to jump as high as you could to try and touch the ceiling, just before you jumped up you would have actually dropped down. This is your body loading itself into a pronated position, in order for it to explode or “supinate” – in this case so you can jump up and touch the ceiling.

In life we must produce movements in order to walk, run, jump, lift, etc. Therefore we must first load our body in order for these movements to take place. This is another important cog in the understanding of the chain reaction of the human body.

The term pronation is generally applied to the tri-planar movement of the foot in walking when the heel strikes the floor – gravity and momentum of the body act to drive the foot into pronation, but if you consider the chain reaction on the body, what really happens is that every joint in the body is driven into a “pronated” or loaded position in order to explode. The arch of the foot will fall towards the floor and the ankle, knee, hip etc will all follow the arch inwards. Therefore we should be able to understand the concept that it we are inadequate in one plane of movement at one joint during walking, it will limit our ability to utilise the whole chain and load/unload effectively, hence causing us some kind of problem during the activity.

For example: It is common that many people have lower back pain, but the majority of the lower back pain experienced is caused elsewhere. It’s just the lower back that takes the bombardment.

Now you have an understanding of two of the major litmus tests. The facts that the human body must load before it unloads and that it utilises all three planes of motion to produce movement. Next month we will talk about how 99% of all movement is subconscious – so it is efficient to be training your body consciously?

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